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We dole out a dose of GROWN: distinguishing the things we have the adult right to do from the right things to do. Self loving choices, making better decisions and healthier relationships, that's the Grown Zone, led by power couple Alfred Edmond Jr. (yes, of Black Enterprise) & Zara Green (yes, that one)., every Saturday at noon EST, In Social Media we're known for #NextDecisionBetter #GetYourMindRight #GrownIsSexy #AGrownManKnows #ToMySisters #PooNannie Responsibility. Each week select a topic and go for what we know - NO HOLDS BARRED! We open up the chat room and answer your questions.

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We're covering 3 things most don't know to do, but are innately equipped to do to live fuller lives and attract loving relationships. Don't miss this show! ================================== Click links below: * Subscribe to the... more

Most things that people call love, are anything, but! We're talking about what it is NOT today. Listen In, so you don't fall for societal okey-dokes of what love is. If you want real love, the standard has to be set by YOU!... more

Married At First Sight is a social "experiment" where professionals used their expertise to best match 3 couples and they met for the first time at the alter. Whether you've seen the show or not, we'll make lessons plain from each... more

"Single" is the best status for everybody at some point - for many, several different points - in life. It's how we all start out, yet feelings of inadequacy accompany this state, WHY? Well, we want to help you get comfortable with the "single" label... more

We've done many shows on characteristics that lend toward healthy relationships. On this show we're going to focus on WHY you really need to take your time and not get caught up before you've given yourself and the relationship time... more

Life's hardest emotional moments are intrinsically also the most transforming times, if you treat them that way. In the Grown Zone we say all the time that personal growth should never stop! Experiences are purposeful, even the painful... more

To be Grown is to recognize that when you try to buy love, you end up getting nothing but trouble. We'll give some guidelines for healthy, self-loving financial decision-making in the Grown Zone, many that have become so normal in... more

Forgiveness is not justification for inviting, permitting or rewarding continued violations, offenses or abuse. Forgiveness does not absolve you of your responsibility to honor, esteem, respect — and protect — yourself.... more

So misinterpreted, so misunderstood, and thus so mishandled, is the Angry Black Woman. There may be so many things that she has the right to be angry about, but it's not really her nature to be angry. Most are just hurt and scared; and... more
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