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Awaken your True Self by sharing with hosts, guests and fellow listeners on Growing Consciousness. Growing Consciousness takes you on an inner journey.

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What is genuine happiness? Is it a fleeting feeling that passes in an instance or is it a way of being? Is there a way that we can we truly be happy here on Earth? Join Growing Consciousness hosts Tam and Dr Chan, as well as their special... more

Sharing:How comfortable are you with sharing your feelings/thoughts/points of views.Fear, vulnerability, rejection, shame, compassion, exposure, openness, understanding, empathy.... are a few words which immediately spring to mind... more

Is your glass half empty or half full? Do those who know you best, consider you to be a pessimist or an optimist? Scientific research has shown that hopeful persons demonstrate better health and better coping skills when faced with... more

Do you often feel wronged - can't seem to do anything right? Let's have a passionate conversation about Blame! "It's all your fault!" "You make me feel so...." "But, I did it all for you..." Who's responsibility is it? Let's see....

We are often encouraged to have ?An Attitude of Gratitude? but why should we be grateful when so many things are wrong in our lives? How can we sow seeds of gratitude even in the face of great challenges and adversity? Join Growing... more

Relationships Part 2 - Nature versus or featuring Nurture? How much does our upbringing influence and impact on our relationships? How much do we "live what we learn"? Is this truly who we are?

Does the thought of getting together with family members bring up resentments and old hurts, or is it an image that brings up feelings of joy and happiness? No family is perfect but we can grow in consciousness through the way we interact... more

Relationships- Relating through self love How does self love influence and impact on our relationships with others- friendships, spousal, family and professional relationships?

The late Whitney Houston told us in song that the greatest love of all is learning to love ourselves. But does loving ourselves mean being conceited, arrogant or egotistical? Join Growing Consciousness hosts Tam and Dr Chan to discuss the... more

Grief, loss and bereavement- three experiences each of us are very likely to have at some point in our lives. We all react differently to loss- is there a right and wrong way? What are some factors which influence our reaction?Join Dr. Chan... more