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Exploring some of the challenges men face in their search for love, how these challenges affect them and suggestions on how to stay strong, confident and loving throughout. Join Dr. Chan, Tam and guests in candid chat about Falling... more

Are you going through a difficult period? Is your valley period marked by debt, loss, pain, illness? Are you wondering if you can make it to the other side and regain your life? Arlene Nelson of Pink Stone Place faced a serious health issue... more

Is staying in an unfulfilling job in order to earn your living affecting your state of being and those around you? Do you ever consider the possibility of following your passion and earning from the heart? How do you measure your success?... more

What is Prosperity? Is Prosperity all about the money and the bling? Do an abundance of love, laughter, and simple joys comprise Prosperity? What is Prosperity? How can we recognise Prosperity and invite more of it into our... more

How we face life's challenges and feel even more CONFIDENT, CAPABLE, SELF-ASSURED and RADIANTas a result of it. Join Tam, Dr. Chan and guests for tips and personal insights on how to find your SHINE through the hard times.

Different countries are facing various prevalent issues, eg crime/violence in Trinidad & Tobago, racism/racial injustice in the US, dire poverty in Zimbabwe. Does what we each think, speak, or believe about the country we call... more

To what extent does the food we eat affect our connection to Higher levels of consciousness? Can our bodies guide us to toward greater self-awareness if we listen to it.? Does what you eat affect your state of mind and being? Join... more

"Got your mind set on a dream, You can get it, though hard it may seem now." - Jimmy Cliff Can you really get what you want? Do you have a clear vision of what you want? Do you believe that you deserve what you want? How can living... more

Is love synonymous with romance? Do romantic gestures automatically mean that love is in bloom? Does genuine love always manifest in romantic gestures? Does a rose always stay in full bloom? David Richo states: "The rose of... more

Have you ever had an inkling to do something or go somewhere and you listened to that voice and it worked to your benefit or saved you from harm? Many have referred to this small voice in terms such as: Inner Guidance, Intuition, 6th... more