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Growing Consciousness

Growing Consciousness


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Awaken your True Self by sharing with hosts, guests and fellow listeners on Growing Consciousness. Growing Consciousness takes you on an inner journey.

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There is life after loss and Uma Girish is an example of how second chapters are the soul's calling to live life with joy and meaning. Uma is a Grief Guide and Dream Coach, a journey prompted by the loss of her mother in January 2009.... more

The holiday season can bring joy, merriment, fun and excitement for some. For others it can bring sadness remembering loved ones no longer here, or anxiety about increased expenses. How can we make the most of the holiday season... more

Are you aware of your personal cycles and patterns in time? Have there been occasions when you're trying hard to achieve a specific goal and you seem to faced with endless obstacles only to put it to rest until later at which time it then... more

Are you compassionate? Do others consider you to be a compassionate person? What does it take to be a compassionate person? Does it mean never saying no, being soft or weak, or allowing yourself to be abused? Is compassion... more

Getting to know who we truly are requires us to value our intuition. In - tuition: Teachings from within As you develop and deepen your awareness of who you are, you become more familiar and develop stronger communication with your... more

In order for you to Grow in Consciousness you have to connect with who you really are. It's only too easy for us to get swept away by the tide of media, consumerism, family and career/work expectations and identify with these things... more

What is Reiki? Have you ever used Reiki? Rei means "higher power" and Ki means "life force energy." In this episode of Growing Consciousness, discover how the safe and natural practise of Reiki can help relieve physical... more

When fitness trainer, health enthusiast, and body building champ Jacqui Melville received the shocking news that she had breast cancer, and that in order to live she would need a mastectomy, Jacqui was thrust into feelings of horror and... more

What is the difference between your brain and your mind? Do you understand the dual nature of your mind - the "conscious" and the "subconscious?" The conscious mind is logical, controls voluntary body functions, and is shaped by... more

Free your Spirit and Fly Consider some of the people you most admire. What are the qualities you admire most about them? Are there elements of freedom, honesty and courage somewhere in there?Are those qualities you admire and... more