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Growing Consciousness

Growing Consciousness


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Awaken your True Self by sharing with hosts, guests and fellow listeners on Growing Consciousness. Growing Consciousness takes you on an inner journey.

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We each hold the power to create and witness magic in our lives by using our bodies and minds to activate our simplest/highest/deepest desires. Where the mind goes energy flows therefore our minds play a major role in creating our... more

Have you been pursuing a goal but feel stuck, or feel uncertain about what to do next? Should you give up? Or... should you surrender? When you give up you slam doors shut. When you surrender, doors open. During challenging... more

Do you find yourself in relationships with the same or very similar challenges as your previous ones? Why are you parenting your children the way your parents did despite having pledged that you'd "never be like him/her". Is it within your... more

Are you extremely laid back? Are you married to your job? In this fast-paced world, some persons mentally check out, while others rush from one frenzied task to another. Is there a middle ground - a balance? Can we really spend... more

Special Guest - Santeria Priestess, Melanie "Oyadina" Smith joins Dr. Chan and Coach Seah to share personal insights to her life's evolution and the expansion of love, understanding and compassion between herself and others as a result... more

When many of us think of "faith" we think of religion. But whether or not you are religious, faith can be a powerfully, positive force. Do you have faith? Do you have faith in a higher being? Do you have faith in the inherent good of... more

How important is it for us as women to love our bodies? Does your body image affect your confidence, sex life and or self esteem from time to time? Would you like to learn to love your body more? Imagine how having a positive body... more

Most, if not, all of us have been through some type of traumatic experience. How do we deal with the pain from that experience? Do we acknowledge it, or pretend we do not hurt? Are we victims for the rest of our lives? Can we heal from the... more

What is a twin flame? Do we all have one? Will we all meet ours in this lifetime? How do we know if we've met our twin flame? What's the Difference between the Twin Flame and Soul Mates? Are twin flame relationships always easy? Maeve... more

So it's a new year and many of us are trying to figure out how we can improve our financial situation and increase our income this year. Paradoxically, while many of us desire to earn more money, we also have lots of conflicting, negative... more