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Today's guest is Ms. Emma Ako - London born singer/songwriter and Creative Director of one of London's most celebrated music and poetry events - Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem was born out of Emma's belief that music is a spiritual and vibrational energy that enters into us so should be positive as it becomes a part of us. Whilst at university studying Commercial Music, she found that music was taught in formulaic terms within a rigid structure that didn't leave much room for true structure. Emma also found that music played on the radio was void of any real feeling, soul and passion, instead just being commercial. At the very core of Carpe Diem is the message that we are all one and there is nothing we can do that will not affect another living thing, near or far. All Carpe Diem events also focus on what we as consumers of technology can do to bring about conflict free gadgets and get together as one to fight for the Congolese. Positive thinking is encouraged, self empowerment is realised, universal laws are taught and much more so we can get closer to our higher selves and Source. Join Dr. Chan and Coach Seah as they discuss Freedom through Sound with this month's esteemed guest,Emma Ako.
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