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So it's a new year and many of us are trying to figure out how we can improve our financial situation and increase our income this year. Paradoxically, while many of us desire to earn more money, we also have lots of conflicting, negative... more

As the year draws to it's end, how have you been feeling about those resolutions you made those months ago? Have you been beating yourself up about projects you haven't managed to complete this year, broken promises or... more

Are you always last on your spouse's list? Do your needs fall to the bottom of your best friend's priorities? Do you always take the smallest slice of cake? Do you end up not getting a party favour because you wait until everyone else... more

Why does success measured by material wealth, without mention of love, seem to be the accepted standard of ambition, yet relationship success without mention of materialism seem to be taboo? Am I worthless if my ambition is not to amass... more

Are Making Money and Doing What You Love, on opposite ends of the spectrum? Is there a way to do what we love and earn a good living? Our special guest, Rosemary Brocco, believes that is possible for us to prosper from our passion,... more

"The coming to consciousness is not a discovery of some new thing; it is a return to that which has always been." - Helen Luke Centre - that intangible space we are born with referred to as: the Psyche, the Soul, Atman, Dharma, Qalb,... more

How important are the roles of self-love and self-mastery along the journey of personal growth and increased consciousness? Paul Buhagiar is a videographer, poet and advanced student of Naturopathy and Smai Tawi (KemeticYoga)... more

"There is nothing in life constant but change." How do you deal with change? Do you fight it tooth and nail? Do you go with the flow? Do you embrace change wholeheartedly? Life is always in flux yet at some point or another we all resist... more

Olivia is the co-founder of Passion Play Events. She's a coach and writer, dedicated to helping others explore a more pleasurable alternative to stress and struggle - their Passion!....and passion works its magic on all levels. Through... more

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Have you met your ideal love mate or life partner yet? Does wearing the clothes a man likes or saying the things a woman wants to hear attract a compatible life partner? Do you want to find out how to... more