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This is a show that freely mixes politics and religion. A one man show with one voice crying out against a conservative church that favors the rich man over the poor. There is a plutocracy in this country. The ultra wealthy in America is stealing from the middle class, the poor and those in poverty by using their wealth to shield themselves from taxation.

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$1.2 billion Sequestration March 1 2013 Gun Controls Immigration Deficit and Debt Election 2014

Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 March on Washington, 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, 1-29-1929 The Second Inauguration of Barack Obama

Minutes before Midnight the House of Representatives voted to accept the Senate bipartisan bill to save the Nation from the falling off the "fiscal cliff".

The president's offer to save the country from going off the fiscal cliff: 1.6 trillion in tax increases 600 billion in Medicare savings 200 billion in stimulus spending Power to raise the limit of the purse

Will the House Republicans raise rates if the Democrats fix entitlements to not go off the fiscal cliff? Grover Norquist v Brack Obama; Entilitlements v The Military The Republicans end game is to "protect" capital that creates grow. Democrats... more

He Confronts the bullies in the fiscal crisis, in the GOP ranks, in the Middle East crisis, and the big bullies in Asia and wins!

The Conservative Consultant Con the GOP. The Conservative Entertainment Industry make 100's of millions for their businesses while giving the 'business' to uninformend married older white voters. Fearful of losing the Religious Right... more

Acts of Suppression: voter purge, voter ID, long lines, fake voting information, etc. An army of attorneys are in the battleground states to protect the vote. The Republicans have awaken a 'sleeping giant' in there attemp to suppress the... more

Obama is winning in the battleground states and with superstorm Sandy. Democrat polls show one thing Republican something else. The president will win but not by the margin of 2008. More Voters!

2 Presidential debates in 7 days. The country will chose whether the "undecided" is ready or not.
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