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This is a show that freely mixes politics and religion. A one man show with one voice crying out against a conservative church that favors the rich man over the poor. There is a plutocracy in this country. The ultra wealthy in America is stealing from the middle class, the poor and those in poverty by using their wealth to shield themselves from taxation.

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Daniel chosen by God and given a special ministry to the captivities in Babylon Verses 1 thur 7 The Early life of Daniel in theBabylonian Court; verses 8 thru 10 A purpose of heart not to be defile; verses 11 thru 14 Daniel's test is tested' verses 15 & 16 &17 the results are...verses 18 &19 & 20 the king validates the results; verse 21 Daniel lives happy ever after; Matthew 6:16-18 when you fast do not be as the hypocritics; Jesus did not instituted fast with his disciples though it was practiced in the early church and he did say there are some thing you can not do unless you fast and pray, Mark 9:29 & Matthew 17:21
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Congressman Micheal C. Burgess, M.D., the Republican Representative of Texas Distric 26, holds a Town Hall Meeting, Thurday April 28, 2011. My voting place. This is my RSVP. I have a statement and a question for Dr. Burgess.

Speculators at Goldman Sak are driving up the price of gasoline. President Obama has appointed a task force to root out fraud or manipulation in the markets.

The Debt Ceiling of 2011 is Approached as a Political Game. Who will win in the Stare-Down? The Administration or the Republicans?

The White House position is we can save the Safety Net Progams with cost controls and if we get the Rich to pay its fair share. The House postiton is we need cuts and controls. The Rich is taxed enough.

The President's Message and the Republicans have been put in a Box: The Ryan's Budget wants Seniors to pay for their health care while they give tax cuts to the Rich.

Will Tax Cuts be off the Table? How do we get Jobs in the Conversation? Shared Sacificied will it be Balance?

Politics with a Religious spin. An agreement reached with only minutes to spare. The Budget plan is a 3 act political play: with sound and fery signifying nothing other than to create chaos. Act 2 began after intermission. The Ryan's Budget... more

At Midnight on the 8th of April 2011, the United States of America's government will close if the Tea Party will not allow John Boehner to compromise with Harry Reid and President Obama.

Will the Ryan's Budget be a Path to Poverty or Path to Prosperity? Only God Knows. I say it will be a Death Trap! This is not a Budget, it's a Cause, .

The Koran was found guilty of crimes against humanity and was burned March 20 2011 by a fake preacher in Florida and many died in Afghanistan this weekend.
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