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Get coaching & support on all things energy & spiritual healing, to clear your way back to your true identity (ie: power) RE-empowerment. Plus weekly updates & analysis of the hidden surface & off-world battle to liberate the planet, with Top sources + weekly guests Every Wed 9pm EST (or EDT)

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As the next pivotal 144k Mass Meditation (and general ritual date) of the June Solstice approaches … I've been very grateful for the rising popularity of ‘Teilen'. That's the pseudonym of the mysterious writer at... more

This week I'll be getting into internal & external technologies that ‘get activated' when DNA & often frequency in general, goes up … and of course, what to do about it. That's right … as 144k Members, you'll be shown a... more

The Lightworker Handbook is a great way to describe the 4 Operational Protocols for Lightworkers article, which was read out on last week's episode. Crucial knowledge! So if you want to avoid completely unnecessary... more

In May 2017, I published a controversial guide for Lightworkers/Starseeds to apply to their soul path work, when engaged in planetary liberation work of any kind. It became controversial … because it not only exposed the behavior & tell... more

A brief lull in intel releases gives us an opportunity to focus inward (in preparation for the mathematically certain BIG ONE) but also to reflect on this one fundamental question. Are we ascending upward … or transmuting... more

May 7, 2019 | The Unknown Lightwarrior The systematic ‘search & neutralize' of MK Ultra / Super Soldier types by White Hats continues full steam ahead (to prevent much more or much worse domestic false flags)... more

If the last two false flags in San Diego & Baltimore leading up to this Beltane ritual day doesn't give things away in terms of the importance of this Beltane ritual date … then you've either been way too busy to notice … or been living... more

144k Mass Meditation - Sat 20th of April @ 2pm 'Ending the energy of Sacrifice' Live Broadcast This is CRUCIAL: Read here... more

We're entering a phase in the Planetary Liberation process where we have to activate, not just heal & clear, for more Light channeling during 144k Meditations. In the past, the primary obstacle to making and MAINTAINING... more

After meticulous inquiry & investigation with the Teams to find the cause of the sudden & sharp drop in energies & horrific attacks this Monday (US time-zone), that also had a new & disturbing nuanced energy to them … … it... more