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Get coaching & support on all things energy & spiritual healing, to clear your way back to your true identity (ie: power) RE-empowerment. Plus weekly updates & analysis of the hidden surface & off-world battle to liberate the planet, with Top sources + weekly guests Every Wed 9pm EST (or EDT)

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Parts of the show will take a heavy 3D focus for the next few weeks, because of the massive ramifications of the mid-term elections in the US … The deciding battleground for liberating the whole planet. A big message was posted... more

Lot's happening as always, the ramifications of which is yet again reminding us that planetary liberation ain't for the faint-of-heart. But DO hang-in there … and ‘keep it together' … because here's why. On this week's... more

We've now reached a point in the planetary liberation process where it's now getting SAFER for ET Contact of various forms. More on the exciting -how & why- in the news portion of this week's show. As for the Mass Arrests … It... more

The formerly ‘black' & highly secretive state of intel came alive last week … and now it's getting white-hot, with Exo-Politics & Divine Cosmos also confirming the recent breakthroughs over summer … and actual arrests of... more

After practically 6 months of intel black-out, and as a result of our mostly successful trifecta of Mass Meditations during July & August … the more in-depth intel Cobra is renowned for has come back to life ... and even Fulford's... more

META Interview Part II

There have been several SSP members that have come out of hiding in recent years. From Randy Kramer, Tony Rodrigues & Elena Kapulnik to Penny Bradley … Lindsey Hooper … and James Rink. The interesting thing about... more

I'll be blunt & honest about one thing … The Event (and all the freedom that comes with it) will come like a thief in the night. Unexpected … Unannounced … … whether you're ready or not. ?Oh … but I am... more

Most … who are either clear enough to sense, or don't have any personal upheavals being cleansed out of their system at the moment; have noticed a ‘softer' kind of quietness since the big D-Day moment of the Aug Solar... more

144k Aug 11 Solar Eclipse Mass Meditation For more details,: https://www.returntoyourtruth.com/blog