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Screenwriters Craig Jamison (of GullCottageOnline) & Jim Delaney (of are joined by film industry guests in their quest to find and uncover cinematic art in the damndest places.

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In this "Live Call-In" edition of THE GRINDHOUSE: WITH CRAIG & JIM, feminist blogger Kelsey Cruz drops by to chat with the guys about the celluloid representation of women in HBO's hit series GIRLS in particular and film and... more

MY COUSIN VINNY, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, RUTHLESS PEOPLE, BLIND DATE and more: screenwriter / producer / director Dale Launer has been the creative force behind some of the most popular films in American... more

Remember classics such as SILENT RUNNING, THE OMEGA MAN and BLADE RUNNER? Well, prepare yourself for OBLIVION - "the best Philip K. Dick story ... which Philip K. Dick never wrote!". The 2013 Tom Cruise / Morgan Freeman... more

THE FRENCH CONNECTION, THE EXORCIST, 2001 ... and FOUL PLAY? Hey, don't laugh. Well, DO! It IS a comedy, but a comedy which, like a handful of seminal films, have gone on to set cinematic trends and define a genre forever.... more

Blake Edwards' 1982 musical comedy VICTOR VICTORIA was probably a groundbreaker to no one but me. Other films had previously featured women exploring and expanding their place in a male driven world, and men exploring... more

Intelligently scripted by 12 ANGRY MEN's Reginald Rose, smashingly directed by he-man action auteur Andrew V. McLaglen (CAHILL: U.S. MARSHALL, THE SEA WOLVES), and produced by legendary British cinema mogul Euan Lloyd,... more

When I first saw Ken Russell's ALTERED STATES I was alternately bored, confused, repulsed, and horrified. With each successive viewing this film engaged me on increasingly complex levels, educating me in equal measures in the... more

Sometimes sequels surpass their originals. Take GODFATHER PT. 2, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, THE ROAD WARRIOR (MAD MAX 2) and the THE BOURNE SURPREMACY. While perhaps not in the same status, 1990s... more

Both a loving tribute to legendary director Don Siegel (DIRTY HARRY, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, THE SHOOTIST) and an examination of his most unusual film - 1974's THE BLACK WINDMILL. Dismissed by critics during the... more
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