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Divine Allegories, Superb Anecdotes, Belligerent Rants, and General Persiflage that will Enrage you, Engage you, or Just Blow Neurons Clean From Your Cranium!! --------The goal of this show is to explore various topics of social or political importance in a way that isn't just a recycling of the days talking points. The goal of those stories are again to Enrage you, Engage you, or Just Blow Your Brain Matter to Bits!!-----------------------------------------____________________________________

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-Why do the laws regarding ?birth control? never include males as a culpable party? ~Why is Cialis or or any of the ‘Male Enhancement' drugs never included in the same discussion as contraceptives? ~Why is the... more

What is more important at the moment Jobs or Debt? With a campaign run virtually entirely on job creation, by both candidates, why has the talk immediatly shifted towards Debt reduction?
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