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We are a Variety Show of what's going on in the World with our own sick but HONEST take!

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"Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything". 1 Peter 5:8. And it was then with Gods word still in her ear, that Small Deborah or "Little Debbie" as her friends knew her,... more

Well we've made it to another Monday and hopefully you weren't killed by ISIS. For the next few hours we will be discussing how much life has changed not just right under our noses, but to really no care from most people. Just sheep... more

Oh Boy. Tonight I want to try and understand the importance of being an "Independent" Woman? Why is that needed? Why not build with a Man and you have everything together? Is that not what Marriage is supposed to be? These... more

Do you think Aliens exist? Have you personally seen something you can't explain? Have you felt someone behind you but you're in an empty house? Have you gotten stoned and eaten a whole pack of Bacon by yourself? Surely out of the... more

Tonight is going to be one of those "Fun" Shows that people tell how they really feel. The Good Stuff! We will discuss how being Transgendered is viewed upon now vs a decade ago. Also the Rights they have and the Rights you have. Also,... more

Oh boy. Here we go. Abortion discussion time. Women believe it's their Body to do what they wish. Is that really True though? Should the Man be allowed to have something to say? Should it be a Legal issue? Is it time to at least discuss Birth... more

Tonight is our very First ever "As Grim" segment. Grim will be answering ANYTHING you need to know about your Computer and just about everything Computer related. She will be answering Listener submitted questions plus... more

Well it's the end of the Weekend and I've been slipping on my Tunes lately. I just thought today we could groove out together and you could here what's happening in my Mind. The overall Vibe is Mellow. There are alot of different things in... more

I believe in God but you don't. When we have children, what should we teach them? Thirty years ago this would have been a easy answer. In the 21st Century, not so much. With everything from ISIS to Adolf Hitler to Abortion Clinic... more

Well, another week of ISIS murdering innocent people yet nobody seems to really care. Even though they decapitated 21 Christians, even Christians don't seem to. Does anyone know what's important anymore? I have people who will... more