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We are a Variety Show of what's going on in the World with our own sick but HONEST take!

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"What you don't know won't hurt you". "What happens in Vegas...". I have never seen a time where people think it's better to stay in thier Bubble than "know" shit. A shooting in Olive Branch and people were stunned. "Please God protect... more

When we were all in our Teens, EVERYTHING was Cheating. Just talking to another Boy was worthy of a Break Up. Well now wh are all Grown, most of us anyway, and we've progressed. When Homes and Finances and Children are... more

It's so good to be back!It's that time of the Year again. We've come off of a small hiatus and ready to get back in the sadle. We have a lot to catch up on. Baltimore has been a disaster. Bass Pro opened up after a Decade. Our beloved Grizz... more

If you are a devout Christian would you Marry a Muslim? Would you Marry an Atheist? Do you think you could coexist and raise children if your Basic foundation of Morals were different? Would you rather your Children be Christian... more

White Cops only kill Black Men. Women are just out for Money. Men are Dogs. God is Good. Obama is horrible but Hillary will be way worse. Tonight we will discuss why we are so quick to put a Negative slant on everything we hear but... more

It's getting more and more prevelant that Facebook has made people claim to be tht which they are not. But with some, it shows exactly who they are. When it comes to Worldly matters, people seem to have more of a "Sheep" mentality.... more

I hope you had a Great Easter! I'm sure you went to Church to pay Homage to the Man you post about everyday on Facebook, right? Right? Who are we kidding. You hypocrites are the WORST kind. I find it so ammusing that your Power... more

Half end in Divorce. The other half seems miserable and complaining most of the time. Temptations are many. So very few have a "Happ and Healthy" Marraige. Maybe the arrangement just doesn't work anymore and is outdated. Other than... more

"Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything". 1 Peter 5:8. And it was then with Gods word still in her ear, that Small Deborah or "Little Debbie" as her friends knew her,... more

Well we've made it to another Monday and hopefully you weren't killed by ISIS. For the next few hours we will be discussing how much life has changed not just right under our noses, but to really no care from most people. Just sheep... more