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Gwendolyn Green is the author of The Mandate Fulfilled, "Bring God's People Out of Debt", a successful business owner, who help others start businesses, buy homes, and invest in real estate. The show talks to people about breaking free from debt, and becoming self employed. We teach our listeners how to make money, what to do with it once they make it, and how to keep the money they make! The show address the importance of networking with others, budgeting, credit, and education. The show also introduce listeners to "The Infinite Wealth System" a program designed to bring people out of debt by using the power of real estate, networking, and education

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Thursday night 10 pm EST
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Tonight on the Source of Wealth our guest Dr. Gerald Higginbotham is going to share the role Unity plays in our success! What if you could be in a place where your success was ALWAYS guaranteed? A place where you knew you would... more

Tonight on the Source of Wealth we are asking the following questions; Did you know that you have the ?Power? to Prosper? Did you know that there are sources that increase this ?Power? as well as sources that decrease this ?Power??... more

Tonight Life Coach Valarie Johnson wants to know; ?What would your life look like of you made it into a masterpiece?? Are you tired of being without direction? Are you tired of being stuck? Are you tired of being over-whelmed?... more

Don't Give Up on Your Dreams! Author Kimanzi Constable says Dig Deep and become a Dream Chaser! Have you ever felt like you would never reach your dream? Have you have felt like you were a fighting an up-hill battle to reach... more

What if you knew EVERYTHING you needed to know inorder to be successful in EVERY area of your life? Academically, Personally, and Professionally - How woud your life change? Join us tonight at 10 pm EST and prepare to... more

Brian Kennedy, Head Coach and Chief Encourager of Brian Kennedy Global founded the organization to help individuals and organizations worldwide achieve their maximum God given potential in their personal and professional lives.... more

MR. KOFKE SAYS THAT HE is living proof that a family can live wealthy on little money AND HE wants to show others ?if a 38 year-old school teacher can gain financial wisdom they can too.? What if you could live your dream life no matter... more

Tonight's guest Kristie Kennedy, want to know; "What if your Big Picture is one of Mediocrity, which means; ordinariness, weakness, commonplace, weakness, averageness? How do you change your image into one of Magnificence; which... more

What ?Big Picture? are your thoughts creating? Prosperity, Abundance, or Lack, and Poverty? Richard Levy says "Thoughts Make You Wealthy!" His philosophy focuses on identifying negative habits and replacing them with abundant... more
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