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A radio network, featuring Linda Sechrist's show: Rethinking Health Matters (What You Can Do For Your Health That You Doctor Can't)

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Some formulas for restoring and maintaing vibrant health to the body are just too easy and too good to be true. This is NOT SO with the fun, easy and engaging formula created by Linda Craig, founder of Circulation Nation in Greer, South... more

Sondra Barrett, PhD, is a medical scientist and teacher who earned her degree in biochemistry from the University of Illinois Medical School followed by post-doctoral training in immunology and hematology at the University of... more

Kathy Bero's degrees in Journalism and Environmental Sciences from the University of Wisconsin -- Madison, have made her uniquely qualified as the founder of NuGenesis Farm. As a two-time cancer survivor, her battle with stage... more

Ayurveda deserves a great deal of respect as a more than 5,000-year-old science of health. Learn from leading experts--Dr. Vijay Jain, Medical Director of Amrit Ayurveda for Total Wellbeing, and Ayurvedic Specialist, Shekhar Annambhotla,... more

Ute Arnold, MFA, founded and has been directing the non-profit Unergi School of Body-Psychotherapy since 1993. She is a visual artist, holistic Body-Psychotherapist and author of Healing, not Fixing with Unergi... more

Dr. Susan Silberstein is the founder and President of (Center for Advancement in Cancer Education), author of Hungry for Health, Hungrier for Health, and Breast Cancer: Is it What You're Eating or What's Eating You? She... more

Guests Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, a well-known expert in the field of hypnotherapy, and Lynne Thomas, a Registered Nurse and Certified Hypnotherapist will discuss how hypnotherapy can be used to improve many... more

Interested in bringing about social change? Learn from Victoria and Dr. Ron Fredman, creators of the Vistar Method, how to move beyond the quagmires and obstacles experienced in normal group communication to help bring your group... more

Gary Null, PhD, is an internationally renowned expert in the field of health and nutrition, the author of more than seventy books on healthy living, and the director of more than one hundred critically acclaimed full-feature documentaries. He... more