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Seth Leitman aka The Green Living Guy is "a clean energy guru and electric car expert" who wants to help everyone turn Green more Black!

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Talking about plug in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), Tesla and more with Miss Electric herself. Hear about how the State of Washington is trying to tax neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) owners $100.00 to register the vehicle, the... more

How ironic right!! I mean the Green Living Guy gets torn apart from these guys because they think I am pro nuclear yet I am for renewable energy and NUCLEAR IS NOT RENEWABLE!! Hear more about how Obama is killing us with... more is a destination to help people easily and enjoyably green their lives without sacrifice or inconvenience. Reducing the environmental impact of our consumption while maintaining - or even improving - the quality of... more

A Lot To Say, Inc. was founded by two sisters. Both having successful first careers, they wanted to do something outside of their primary businesses. Something that they could not only do together, but something that was fresh... more

EcoDivas purpose is to show the “Who’s who” and “How-to” of being green. EcoDivas is a multi-layered concept that highlights the fabulous sides of being Eco and Divalicious. As the creator of EcoDivas, I truly believe that no one... more

Green spaces is a place where small businesses can manage their costs and have a great looking atmosphere to have meetings in NYC and other cities too .

Project Green Search in November 2009 awarded Rachel Avalon the crowd for the next “it girl” for the Green Revolution: Rachel Avalon. Rachel is a woman who wants to take a stand and align her career endeavors with her personal beliefs.... more

Shannon Arvizu and John Voelker talked turkey about the state of electric vehicles, plug in hybrid electric vehicles and more.

Issac is the man who explains why his clothing is 50% organic cotton and 50% hemp. We have a frank discussion about it and its quite revealing what's brought up. Issac also tells us what celebrities are stepping up to the plate for Livity... more

The Director of one of the top movies coming out of the Sundance Film Festival called Climate Refugees talks with the Green Living Guy about the reasons for making the movie and why the movie is so important.
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