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Josie Moran tells the Green Living Guy why she made an organic makeup line.

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Josie Moran was being awarded a Heart of Green award at Hearst Tower. I was able to get an interview with her prior to the event. We talked about the toxicity of regular cosmetics and the need to let people know about the products.


0:00 Josie Maran

Healthier, greener paper for me and the answer was a big no and that it would be impossible to do something that was good enough for a makeup artist and good for me, a woman. So, I took the challenge on fully and decided to do a makeup.

0:18 Seth Leitman

And by having your own makeup and being the face of Maybelline for 10 years, I'm gonna have to go check that out. I didn't look at Maybelline, sorry, but that's cool. And you don't mind right? I didn't look at Maybelline. It's okay. That's cool.

0:32 Josie Maran

Yeah. With all the makeup you're wearing tonight, I thought maybe you're into it.

0:37 Seth Leitman

Not tonight, but -- so did you notice like I guess the one question I would have because I've seen some friends of mine that are starting to go to organic makeup and I noticed like their skin getting better. It was like breaking out like hives before, now like all the -- like just having a bunch, now it's not as toxic so it's like helping their skin. Did you notice like did you feel like it just didn't feel right to you or...?

1:03 Josie Maran

Yeah. I would have major breakouts as well and it's -- I mean it's just like food, it's just like anything you just -- you got to take care of your insides so your outsides look good. Do you know what I mean? So, it's a combination of pretty stuff for your face, but it's also about your skin ingesting 60% of what you put on your skin that you wanted to be good for you and will not give you acne.

1:27 Seth Leitman

Not. No. So say no to acne people, but it's...

1:33 Josie Maran

And if you have it, you should try my line because it's all pure and it would clear it up.

1:36 Seth Leitman

Where can we get it. Let's go for that. Where do we get it? Where do I get this stuff?

1:41 Josie Maran

Sephora, which is called like that.

1:42 Seth Leitman

Really. Actually that's cool. What's so cool about that, there was a woman I was just talking with today, who said, "What do they have at Sephora? Because that's where I get all my makeup." And I'm like, "I don't know, you got to go ask themselves."

1:56 Josie Maran

You don't know?

1:58 Seth Leitman

That's how one small step every day is gonna be because -- I mean people out there don't...

2:03 Josie Maran


2:04 Seth Leitman

You think you know and then things like this, you're going to go, "Wow! I got to tell a lot more people." And that's what I'm trying to do, just educating people one step at a time.

2:11 Josie Maran

Yeah. I do one lift at a time.

2:13 Seth Leitman

Water gush.

2:14 Josie Maran


2:15 Seth Leitman


2:17 Josie Maran

Yeah, well __2:17__ I have lot of -- I'm a huge variety of brands and I'm happy to say that I'm one of the more national healthy brands.

2:23 Seth Leitman

God bless that, that's awesome. So, I will be telling all my...

2:26 Josie Maran


2:27 Seth Leitman

Friends or girlfriends, whatever they are, that definitely you got to go to Sephora and go get some Josie Maran here, and as she is gonna go sit down and enjoy this award __02:38__ thank you so much for your time.

2:40 Josie Maran

Thank you for spreading the word.

2:42 Seth Leitman

I will do my best Green Living Guy saying one small step at a time, and today, for your ladies out there or you ladies, go check out Josie Maran's makeup. Green Living Guy signing out.