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"True North" is a show where the information is the star. This show gives you cutting edge guests talking about subjects you rarely hear about. Subjects that virtually no one else will touch. On this show we go were few are willing to go and this information is backed up my a lifetime of study and research on my part.

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There seems to be an effort to bring us into more war and ever less freedom. Does this mean we are about to see a wave of false flag terror to justify it? To discuss this we have Ole Dammegard of www. and, an expert of False Flag Terror.
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Mind Control is a subject that none of us what to look at and it is affecting all of us every day. To discuss this we have Cathi Morgan of . Cathi's research uncovers events relating to the MK ULTRA program.... more

To be blunt virtually everything you know about the origins of humanity is FALSE. The truth, and what we suspect, is SHOCKING. To discuss this we have Michael Tellinger.

What REALLY goes on behind the scenes in a university? What goes on that the establishment doesn't want you to know? To discuss these things we have Dr. Darrell Hamamoto, a professor of Asian Studies at University of California,... more

If you have read the writings of the Elite they often talk about the desire to reduce world population to no more than 500 Million, perhaps even less. There are probably literally thousands of publications were they talk about this. As there... more

Today's show is going to look at the origins of humanity. In case you aren't familair with the cutting edge of genetics, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that our DNA has been massively modified by extraterrestrial races. In... more

Have you ever wondered how so many teams seem to come out of nowhere and win it all? Well in some cases it is because the fix is in. It is immensely profitable to the few when this happens and often they are able to bribe... more

We are all or have been addicted to TV. It is DESIGNED to be addicting. But it has also been designed to control what we think. On today's show we will discuss how we are mind controlled with John & Bonnie Mitchell. Bonnie Jean... more

The world is a dangerous place. It is full of many diseases, many of which have been engineered by our elites as part of their population reduction. The whole sale engineering of diseases, such as Ebola, is well documented as is the... more

In this episode we talk with Miki Jacobs of about how to empower yourself. She is the author of "THREE MINUTE WISDOMS: Daily spiritual principles that will activate the power and wisdom of your soul". Miki is... more

When you think of dowsing you probably think of someone using a tree branch to look for water. While that is a type of dowsing, dowsing is far more useful than that. In fact its uses are almost endless and can help you in ways you would... more