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"Great Info to Know" is a show where the information is the star. This show gives you cutting edge guests talking about subjects you rarely hear about. Subjects that virtually no one else will touch. On this show we go were few are willing to go and this information is backed up my a lifetime of study and research on my part.

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As you probably know, unless you only follow government run lamestream media, there were historic events that took place in the Nevada desert this week whne a group of ranchers stood up to a land grab by the Feds. To discuss what really... more

The globalists have publically stated their plans to reduce the world population to 500 million. Part of this plan involves eliminating a large amount of the elderly. In this episode we will talk with Ken Ditkowski, an attorney who specilizes in... more

There is a holocaust that you have never heard of in a place you would never guess. Canada. You see, for deacdes there was a slient holcaust going on in Canada, one that involved taking away the children of the indians (in other... more

The world of international finance affects us every day in many, many ways. It affects how much we make at a job or even if we have a job! International finance also affects the cost of virtually eveything you buy along with who is in... more

Can people can change the world simply by using their own energy? Do we really have the power to change the world? These are the intriguing questions we will be exploring with Joe Martino. In 2009 Joe began a personal journey of both... more

The new age movement has been touted as some sort of cure all to our problems but it is not. Although it has some valuable ideas it must be seen in context in order not to fall into its cul de sacs. Our guest is Cameron Day of... more

Do you think you know about World War II? You don't know anything! There is a vast "secret history" to what went on that will shock you! To discuss this we have on Deanna Spingola.Deanna Spingola has authored two books on... more

On this episode we talk with Marti Oakley about how the medical and legal system is set up to take advantage of the elderly. Marti is a political activist, elder advocate and publish The PPJ Gazette on the web. Marti also... more

Jon Kelly is an international clinician and world famous speech analyst who released key intelligence pertaining to the Iraq War two years in advance of the ?Shock and Awe? strikes against Baghdad in 2003. As a former feature... more

Are we the cause of our own problems? We will discuss this with Tobias Lars. While attending undergraduate school Tobias Lars had an awakening experience where the energy centers of the body opened up and spontaneously reactivated... more