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True North

True North


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"True North" is a show where the information is the star. This show gives you cutting edge guests talking about subjects you rarely hear about. Subjects that virtually no one else will touch. On this show we go were few are willing to go and this information is backed up my a lifetime of study and research on my part.

On-Demand Episodes

This is a quandry anyone who is sliglty awake faces: What do you we do about it? To get you thinking about this Kim ‘Kamala' Ekman of http://www.awakeandunite.com/ has written a book called, "So What Can I Do?"... more

The facts don't add up in any of the recent shootings. To discuss what is really going on we have Ole Dammegard from Light On Conspiracies (http://lightonconspiracies.com/newsite/). Ole is an expert on false flag terror. He... more

We are surrounded by WiFi and other electromagnetic field all day long. Theie effects on our health are only beginning to be known. To discuss this we have Beth Sturdivant of Tafes.org and ourhydrationstation.com . Her book... more

There have been a lot of anti- free speech protests recently, virtually all of which have had their origins on college campuses. In America's universities a a whole generation of politcial officers is being prepared to administer a tyranny in... more

Why is there almost nothing written on Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)? Why are they so secret? What is going on in them? To discuss this we have one of the few people who has researched them, Dr. Richard Sauder,... more

You are being messed up by mind control in more ways than you can imagine.. On today's program we will talk with Neil Sanders about Mind Control. Neil has as web site neilsandersmindcontrol.com that talks about mind control in... more

The Occult is a mysterious world bt design. In this episode we will pull back the curtain on the occult (literally hidden) world of the occult with our guest Brendan Murphy. Brendan is a frequent writer of the occult and many other subjects. His... more

On this episode we are going to explore who really runs the world with Jamie Peace of http://tabublog.com/ and http://aplanetruth.info/ .

You are being mind controlled all the time whether you admit it or not. This is being done primarily through the Mainstream Media. To discuss thsi we have Lenon Honor. Lenon Honor is a writer, musician, video producer, talk show host,... more

On October 16-18, 2015, nationally known researchers and scholars will gather in New Orleans for Oswald's Summer of Secrets: New Orleans and the JFK Assassination. What they will discuss will shock you. The conference will break... more