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Bishop-Elect Lawrence F. Wright founder and Sr. Pastor of Greater Harvest Church International (A UBFI Church) and CEO of Greater is in YOU, Inc. shares the rightly divided word of God to the world. As he covers some of today's most pressing topics. It's bible study on demand for you, 24/7/365 #GodStrong

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We often expect God to bless us just because we are His children and there is some validity to that. But as we grow in our walk with God, He expects for us to do our part too. Join Bishop Lawrence F. Wright as he shares from God's... more

How many times thoughout the course of the day, month, year, our lifetime have we made some really boneheaded decision? Decisions that were based on how we felt at the moment or what our five senses were transmitting to our... more

There are certain things that come to mind when we think of of the life of Christ, but in the new testament the apostle paul instructs to be or to become more like Christ. But what does that actually mean? Join Bishop-Elect Lawrence F. Wright... more

Everything that we say or do first begins with a thought! God or bad it all starts with our thoughts. Join Bishop-Elect Lawrence F. Wright has he shares from God's matchless word on Greater is in YOU! #GodStrong

It has been said "That the best way to get a person back is to kill them with kindness" but what is the real and true meaning of that? Join Bishop-Elect, Rev. Lawrence F. Wright has he shares from God's word the truth on loving revenge... more

Where does your focus and faith lay? Why are you faithful anayway? Is there truly a reason for us to be and stay faithful? Join Bishop-Elect, Rev. Lawrence F. Wright as he dives into God's matchless word to share the deep and profound... more

In life we hear things on the radio, see things on the big screen or on television that are not to be considered when we are talking about being a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ. Join Bishop-Elect, Rev. Lawrence F. Wright as he... more

Everything isn't all bad all devlish or evil, but there are people that really do not care for you, hate you and would really like to see you removed from the face of the earth. In God's word we see that although people, and this currently... more

How many times did we hear the saying coming up of 'There's nothing new under the sun'? King Solomon the wisest man to ever walk the earth said it and meant it, but really what did he mean when he said it? Join Bishop-Elect,... more

It has been said that money makes a wonderful servant but a horrible master! That is one of the truest things ever said and it should be pondered upon on a daily basis! Why? think about the crazy things that people will do for... more