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WHO ARE WE and WHAT ARE WE ABOUT? G.R.E.A.T. stands for lobal enewable nergy wareness eam. We are an organization dedicated to promoting awareness about all types of renewable energy to consumers around the world through this online, interactive radio network and our website, www.great-world.org where you can get the latest in renewable energy information and technology, check out our quarterly newsletter, learn about upcoming events, and participate in our blog forums. Rather than select one type of energy to promote, we believe that a combination of all renewable energy sources is required to reduce dependence on imported energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will be interviewing high profile guests as well as leaders who are making strides within the renewable energy industry, so be sure to check this site often. Talk! Radio, The 411, and future programs will give consumers a way to learn about and participate in the renewable energy solutions directly from the industry itself. Along with consumers, Governmental Agencies and other businesses can keep up with the ever increasing renewable energy opportunities.