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Breaking The Chains of Psychological Slavery

  • Broadcast in Health
Baba Wesley Gray

Baba Wesley Gray


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"History cannot be reversed and this review of the circumstances of the slavery of the African in America was not intended to be the completion of this analysis.  The 300-year captivity of Africans in America is an indisputable fact which to many have sought to deny as relevant to anything more than an event of the past.  Our formulation suggested that the blemish of these inhumane conditions persists as a kind of post-traumatic stress syndrome on the collective mind of Africans in America and through its original cause cannot be altered, the genesis can be understood.  As is accepted in most insight approaches to mental healing (called psychotherapy), a confrontation of the original trauma and a restructuring of the mind's faulty adaptations to the assult can serve to correct these distrubed patterns of responding.  The book was intended to offer insight into what had been collectively denied by the entire society as having any relevance to the psychological functioning of African-American people.  With this insight, we believed that internal healing could begin"..

"We are convinced that recognizing the origin and the self-healing process which we as a people must engage in both individually and collectively."  The political, economic, military and even intellectual struggles have been fought and won to the point that we can expect solutions from those arenas. We must now understand that any future process in those arenas or in any other arena of human activity can only occur when we have been properly liberated in our minds.

I am very greatful to my family, to our Ancestors and to the God of the universe for their presence and work through my life.

Dr. Na'Im Akbar - June 26,1996