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Granny Ganja covers several genres of music. Different days=different genre. Dr. Tim Aldred author of Bamboozled and Besieged by Lies, Man Never a Sinner is host on Monday & Friday.

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House tunes


There is no calendar evidence for the character Jesus birth. The man bible calls Jesus, is not the same person Rome crucified. Jeshua Pentera, today aka Jesus Christ, was born 4 B.C.E. he was diefied by the Romans at Nicene Council 325... more

Come take this ride with me

When you ignore historical paleolithic age reality, you are faced with unreality of an evil bible of the A.D. system. From Goddess and Gods to monotheistic God, a false world, curse and sin. Is there any cognition in allegorical thinking



this show is for the yout

Who is the Israelite God vs the Queen of heaven/Ishtar. It is time we get rid of spooky characters in the anthology bible

Following my first eye