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Granny Ganja covers several genres of music. Different days=different genre. Dr. Tim Aldred author of Bamboozled and Besieged by Lies, Man Never a Sinner is host on Monday & Friday.

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Mass confusion on world reality, and the reason is, crooks don't want people to know the literal act that created modern people.
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snow night

Timothy Aldred was only seven years old when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and in his late fifties when he discovered the bamboozle. How about you...still bamboozled?

"Are you telling me this is a church, or what? Or did you buy this place as a home for you, your wife and children."

surprise.dont miss

Is wearing of clerical robe by protestant church ministers, a requsite of the bible. Learn how church is created under political law, able to arrest people in church in the name of Jesus Christ.

show for all

Mr. Charles Bradly Templeton was preaching in DUPLICITY: deliberate decptiveness in behavior or speech; double dealing, with the A.D. anno domini with Billy Graham. Thanks to the power of words, we now know they... more

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When evil people seize land, write laws, frame a constitution to wage imoral war agnaist population of human beings, they also assumed liberty to devalue human life, such as making them slaves and imposed image of a spurious God to... more

vibe night