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Grandmas Secrets

This week we examined the difficult issue of whether to pursue your passion, or pursue profits. My special guest was Angela Mitchell, a member of Bethel Gospel Assembly, here in Harlem. After years of praying for the unmet needs of women in distress, this amazing woman began a non profit that provides resources for those in need. The Heavenly Angel Resource Center is her pride and joy, and she shared with us her struggles and individual triumphs as she makes a difference!

When we read every day about another bank failing, a large corporation going bankrupt, when it seems that our society worships money, and greed is the new god; when gas and food prices are skyrocketing, how many of us have a passion that can make us forgo money? When we are struggling to make ends meet, it is so easy to forget the struggles of those less fortunate, those who cannot help themselves without help.

Can we forgo money for morality?

This was a soul stirring hour, in which she spoke to us of her workshops, seminars, tutorials, and how she does it all with no grants or funding. She provides GED preparation, housing and drug counseling referrals, crisis intervention, and career planning. Her mission is to enchance women with a sense of personal power, skills, and abilities, to encourage woman to obtain their dreams and identify their purpose in life. (Heavenlyangelresources@hotmail.com

We were joined in the chat toom  by a reverend who runs the same type of agency, but for men, especially ex-offenders, where he encourages and trains men to go into business for themselves, and to purchase homes instead of trying to find housing.(
cburton.inspiredone@gmail.com) We got off  track, and the whole show changed from a business seminar, to one of  pure inspiration .

Be sure to check it out in the archives, you will be truly inspired!

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