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Understanding is essential to survival. Freemasons are expected to demonstrate their understanding by conducting themselves with humility that comes from insight. Not superior but dedicated to an inclusive way of living. Whether one has the discipline to achieve is known in hindsight. We could be members of any number of organizations but it has distinct features. Dedication is never supposed to be for everyone. Freemasonry is what it is,applicable to those who are open to it. Just like many other callings. We hope we can be honest, as much with ourselves as with others. We want to be the reliable neighbour you can call upon when in need. If you believe that one can find beauty and joy in spite of challenges in life then we have that in common. Masonic Companion

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If there is a fault of a good Master, it is pushing his talented apprentice beyond his pace. In a sense, it is failing him. In another, the demanding Master may get a result- pushing raw talent to a higher level. The balance is suppressing imagination, too much, too soon. Natural talent is rare. Developed talent, depends on effort and ability. A good life depends on outlook. If only life were a dress rehearsal there would be a chance for a do-over. Maturity of mind and emotion often releases after the fact insight. Tell me, from your own experience does this account for the majority or minority of mature men? Freemasonry is not a task but a calling that requires effort. Whether you fall into this opportunity by caprice or design is a petty distinction but one that exists. Regardless, be gentle and generous with brethren but never expect that from others. You can stand on reputation but remember changing the way you are seen by others lags behind your own sense of change. As Freemasonry reinvents you, be patient. Is life worth living? What are the essental questions? Answers will likely come from places otherwise unexplored. At times we follow. At times we stumble. At times we walk with eyes fixed on the horizon, confident we will deal with whatever comes. We learn from various sources, their is perfection in simplicity, what some call Occams Razor. What is the nature of freemasonry? For some, freemasonry is the haiku of arts and sciences. Let it penetrate your being. The philosophy works only if you let it. Transformation is the result of doing the work, smallest andlargest, quick and tedious. And doing so willingly only if you're willing. Otherwise- run away for another day.
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