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Understanding is essential to survival. Freemasons are expected to demonstrate their understanding by conducting themselves with humility that comes from insight. Not superior but dedicated to an inclusive way of living. Whether one has the discipline to achieve is known in hindsight. We could be members of any number of organizations but it has distinct features. Dedication is never supposed to be for everyone. Freemasonry is what it is,applicable to those who are open to it. Just like many other callings. We hope we can be honest, as much with ourselves as with others. We want to be the reliable neighbour you can call upon when in need. If you believe that one can find beauty and joy in spite of challenges in life then we have that in common. Masonic Companion

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Did we step out from under the rule of religion? Did we dispose the despot? Did we create the Republic? Did we fight for freedom? Wars scar our souls yet we repeat it. Church stains our conscience but what alternative. Is the 21st Century mason being launched by access to information into a new, unforeseen level of insight? Are the contemplative freemasons becoming as profits of old? Writers have offered so many opinion pieces, it is difficult to keep up with the flow. The fork in the road is whether we are satisfied by throwing support behind an opinion on symbols or past events or follow the one less traveled, hopeful we can know more and answer more. One theme is clear. There are sacred opinions that need to be studied. How can we determine decline when we can't agree on success? And if we step back from the noise and the fray and approach our work with common sense, we may have to admit- the goals are neither hidden nor obvious. They are a state of mind. Let's pull the rocking chair closer to the radio, next to a roaring fire with a cup of tea nearby. I'll bring the cribbage board for an evening about the revelations that answer our questions. See you soon. Graham
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The island of Crete was the location of one of the first major cultures that grew to significance about 4000 years ago. We know that culture as the Minoans. Along with giving us the day off, Minoa may also be able to give... more

The earliest settlers included people escaping hunger, poverty and religious persecution, including zealots searching to avoid restraint. But one thing is certain- Canada would not exist if it weren't for immigrants of all stripes. 1876.... more

A Grand Lodge provides constitutional protection. Only a Master Mason protects the Landmarks. Charles Dawin hesitated 7 years to publish his work. Darwin understood his thesis on natural selection was radical. He also knew his peers.... more

Masonic Companion started intending to bring thoughtful conversation to freemasons whereever they be. There is so much about Craft freemasonry that is not understood. Society and science evolved in antient cultures; China,... more

Most people have a belief they are complete, the full package. Strengths, shortcomings all intractible. It would be difficult to improve if the form was so rigid. The complete belief denies the fact a human being is adaptive and likes habit.... more

When is a freemason not a freemason? Freemasonry is vulnerable to mockery but which is worse. The balefulness of cowans or the indifference of a Brother who fails to live out his obligations? We owe each entered apprentice the... more

I started this chapter questioning if a mason was naturally curious and wanting to discover the mysteries. But I thought better of that. Some are; many are not. It is esoteric and requires study, asking important, essential questions. If you hear... more

Solitication that would make a tele marketer blush; we didn't start like that but it has crept in unrelentlessly in our meetings. Rather than approaching our work through the study of literature, history, philosophy and science, we have replaced... more

Governance and management; necessary if kept in proportion; numbing if not. Control. It seduces us with the scent of predictability and power. We trade on reality, convincing ourselves freemasons have an ability to foresee the future.... more

For the past 100 years, communities have abandoned the elements of health and replaced them with a car. Many no longer believe it is possible to create a lifestyle not dependent on a vehicle; one in which everything is within walking... more
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