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Understanding is essential to survival. Freemasons are expected to demonstrate their understanding by conducting themselves with humility that comes from insight. Not superior but dedicated to an inclusive way of living. Whether one has the discipline to achieve is known in hindsight. We could be members of any number of organizations but it has distinct features. Dedication is never supposed to be for everyone. Freemasonry is what it is,applicable to those who are open to it. Just like many other callings. We hope we can be honest, as much with ourselves as with others. We want to be the reliable neighbour you can call upon when in need. If you believe that one can find beauty and joy in spite of challenges in life then we have that in common. Masonic Companion

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A few days ago I was talking a women I know about our children returning from university for the summer. Our daughter is finishing her thesis but I thought it polite to ask if her son had found a summer job. Oh, she said, he's working... more

If there is a fault of a good Master, it is pushing his talented apprentice beyond his pace. In a sense, it is failing him. In another, the demanding Master may get a result- pushing raw talent to a higher level. The balance is suppressing... more

Why ask important questions? Important to whom? Is it only smart people who ask important questions? If the moral rudder of a man can be improved by his admission to an Order, that in his mind makes him a better person- who am I to... more

Masonic Ed was gracious enough to join us in the studio to talk about things masonic. Who could resist speaking about privacy and secrecy; if our production of antiquarians is meeting the need? Ed is an attentive fellow so of course he... more

What is the real story behind our declining membership?

Whether you can't get out to lodge or you enjoy this type of discussion your lodge doesn't offer- welcome to Masonic Home Companion. Here is a brain worm- if we are based on great ideas and if we haven't studied those ideas, how then... more

The more we produce scholarship, the more we are dedicate ourselves as masons to the pursuit of ethics and priniciples the more we reach out to like minded men. Comparing us to a country club does a deservice to the country... more

Control emotion. Use reason. Doing this allows a man to be in charge of his thinking, to use reason rather than succumb to decisions based on and effort to be happy. According to Henry Kissinger, as a Professor he sought truth. As a... more

In the 21st Century, the word trust has become synonmous with foolishness. Modern communication and improved out ability to talk with one another. Power can no longer control the exchange of information. Lies and deceits are made... more

Not to qibble but for centuries the argument has been out there for all to consider. Is occult study the result of religion failing? Add the tincture of time to an occult topic and it becomes safe, even commonplace. What just happened? Are we... more
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