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Most people have a belief they are complete, the full package. Strengths, shortcomings all intractible. It would be difficult to improve if the form was so rigid. The complete belief denies the fact a human being is adaptive and likes habit. In that sense life is a process influenced as much by our attitudes as by the events and circumstance we face each day. Can most freemasons see their personal goals that will take them to the objective of insight and self improvement?   Human beings are in an unassailable state of change.  We are looking for 'the bigger man' and seeking to be the 'bigger man'. 

Behaviour of a freemason toward his brethren, family, co-workers, G-d and country reveals his state of mind. A mason is given an opportunity to hone some useful skills of observation. But to understand them, he first must discover them.  Just as he discovered how to balance his bicycle and enjoy the ride, freemasonry requires a desire to learn and action and a goal; what can you do once you have the skill.   

Is freemasonry about having a membership card, wearing regalia and performing ritual? If it is, then we will have stripped freemasonry of unique history, an enriched philosophy and a philathropic ethos.

Can a man find an ethical 'right life' through freemasonry?  With commitment, dedication, opportunity and sincere mentoring  he may always be in a state of incompletion but closing in on his goals.

How we are known to others, should matter.  So learn the meaning of hubris; what the arts can express about the human condition; how a balanced life is different and why a statisfactory life does not come from a recipe.

'A life unexamined is not worth living.'