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For the past 100 years, communities have abandoned the elements of health and replaced them with a car. Many no longer believe it is possible to create a lifestyle not dependent on a vehicle; one in which everything is within walking distance. We regionalize where we work, where we shop, where we play, where we live and where we die.

Our natural  lives became alienated in an artificial environment. It didn't stop there.  Sustainable family farms were pushed aside by agri-businesses. Radical notions 50 years ago are now primary. We have stopped laughing at those convincing us to protect the environment. We no longer mock science that shows truth.  The way many of us were raised, to believe mankind could dominate the environment? Is this the final chapter?

Faced with this knowledge, what else can a good man do but live within his sphere able to calm his thoughts. "If you meet a man who..."

He  controls and effects what he can and if he has any insight, learns that somethings are beyond his reach.  How different is it for a man to live isolation, embracing a value system hundreds of years old, than a man who feels he does not fit.  Robert Heinlein told us abouot him, 'a stranger in a strange land'.   Lodges were never intended to be mystery schools. They are tarnished old beacons, in need of repair and replacement but visible in every community and serving an important task.  They are beacons not of safety, but about opportunity; a metaphorical light in the darkness to attract a particular type of man; curious about a serious fraternal experience; bright enough to appreciate philosophical reinterpretation of perception.

Becoming the temple of craft masonry is the first step.