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Can you imagine freemasons queing to put a question to the Delphi Oracle? We would ponder, each in our own way. Let me ask one and have all of us ponder together. What is the epitome of freemasonry?

We masons have interesting tendencies. We avoid questioning what we do not understand. Doing that keeps us in darkness.  We may be observent but we have difficulty admitting what we don't know.  Of course, discussion in groups makes this safer. Notes and spaces. The note gives a value, the space between them harmonizes phrases. Ignoring this balance is unpleasant.  

The perfect masonic structure thrives on resolution of discordance with balance?  It is important then to keep balance in mind because it is the right thing to do It is essential to elect and support the brightest and best when so much depends on it. 

After 157 years, of course the Order has changed; relevent even today because it has adapted. With age, came awareness explaining why our members are dutifully wanting to enhance the quality of the masonic experience. If we understand and use the landmarks we release that ancient influence. Believe it: a vital process of freemasonry draws a man into an atmosphere of introspection; being alone in a crowd. This is the task of a mystery school.  And after we support one another over a drink, with a laugh and comradery.  Many initiates come with expectations of exploration and mystery. To assist them, they need scholar/mentors to bring a welcoming sense of encouragement and guidance.  Learning is an intimate process of the mind; harmonics of note to space.