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Enlightenment: Old is New Again

  • Broadcast in Culture



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Normally, we don't think of ourselves in philosophical terms. Nor do we tend to use history as reference points. The sciences and arts, bastardized by generations of feeble educational aspirations have reached fruition. The experiment of democracy has shown major flaws, polarizing haves and have-nots.  It isn't social development that we talk about in the cafes but the price of doing so.  In Rome expressions of hubris was a criminal act. Today, intoxicated by acquisition, men brag of success in an unbalanced market place. Time, disguised as history, extracts the consequences of our conceits. History is a natural judge. Always harsh. No appeal process. We would be wrong the think tolerance of hurbris will be unpunished.  No one lies for us. Each one of us does that for ourselves.

We have much to learn from great cultures. To date, there have been only two- Greece and Rome.  In a world split between those who know learning means suvival and those who treat learning as a burden the  western world repeats what has not been learned; mistakes of the past haunt the lost generations.

What will turn this tide are men, receptive to thinking; men who study to control their desire; men who will be presecuted for harbouring beliefs of common purpose.  

Ask yourself if the old school principles, boarding school rules of conduct and passive encouragement of learning are the tools of change? Do you see brethren hungry to be a successful apprentices capable of stepping into the shoes of great thinkers?

If not the first and second estate, who has a chance that is not despotic of improving the world. Ethics are different when your child is starving.  

Now ask the question. Does freemasonry have purpose in the 21st Century?  Obviously.

I think we should talk, don't you?