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When we were very young we were introduced to Henny Penny known to some as Chicken Little.  She was the main character in a folk tale about the end of the world.  The Sky is Falling  is the phrase that has thereafter represented overreaction.  The world was not coming to an end and neither is Freemasonry. Henny cited evidence to support her claim, just as many freemason who cite declining membership as proof Craft masonry is at risk.  

As craft masons we preserve antient landmarks. The landmarks are not at risk and neither is the Craft.  Dwindling membership reminds us world populations have aged. Just as in the past, migration of people follows opportunity. Rural communities provide less opportunity than cities. This is neither good or bad. It is what it is.

Freemasonry is shifting and we need to catch up.  Are we offering the full experience? No.  Lodges have suffered the effects of time and the lack of imaginative preservation. The imagine we present is inconsistent with our claims. Masonic intelligencia is not accessible to all. Processes are poorly defined.

But this isn't failure. This isn't indictment. This is description of problems that need to be fixed.  This is how we have always worked. We identify a problem. We work out a plan and we get busy.

Some time in the future, we may understand more than we do today. Smaller numbers allow an organization to be more flexible than ponderous and its members more familiar to all.  We are a community and we are adjusting to change.  And the sky is not falling.

Deliverables of yesterday need a fresh look today. People are better educated and expect to be greeted by a smart, competent organization.  Exoteric meets esoteric.