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The Craft: Balance Stability in Movement

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Merry Christmas! 

Once upon a time, not so long ago masonic lodges met on a date determined by the moon.   I was checking some twitter feeds when I stumbled over  Accacia Lodge No. 51  @accacia51. When I scratched the surface I learned it is the last remaining moon lodge in Minnesota meeting the Wednesday of the week of the full moon.  That is when I realized just how much freemason has changed since we allowed ourselves to admit we are not completely ruled by science.  Admitting this is like a Victorian lady showing an ankle. That was a day when modesty made some things unacceptable that today are (sadly) revealing 'freedom of expression' .  I still perfer good taste that matters. Sometimes, I am not sure that burlesque was a gateway to ography. Or that my sense of good taste should be yours. But I think we understand one another on this.

I began wondering what caused us to give up our connection with one of the oldest forms of time measurement? Could it be that we cannot tell when the next full moon is scheduled? Then was it about accommodating the lunar calendar?  Oh-me-oh-my have we really given up something that defined the esoteric personality of Antient Freemasonry because it no longer mattered?

I hate to say it, but generally I believe we did. A nod to strict obsevance affectionatos. Templum Fidelis is remarkable.  It meets at the Equinox and Solstice without difficulty. Participation is keen and ever detail has meaning that matters. Are there lodges that kept the lunar connection?  I'll research and let you know during the show.    We have strayed far from the traits that once defined us? We are a temperate bunch of men. Confusion over compliance, disciplined thinking (which is anaematic to freedom), even a shyness about studying the Craft in depth are in our shadows. Is this exposing substance?