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A Step Back In Time

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Past, present and future are one. If anyone reading this is like me,you wear a watch and put clocks around your house or today you carry a cell phone that displays a digital time. Our lives are coordinated with a belief, better to coordinate than live in timeless chaos.

Funny that.   Earth was the original clock- replete with stars and moon. Daniel Boorstin explained minutes and hours in a way that even I could follow.But lately I've been realizing that while I can understand how it is measured, I have no idea what we are measuring.  Time and space has become time/space.  Time bends. If it matters at all, time is not the same for everyone. Whether we are moving or stopped effects time. When we are in motion, time goes slower.

In my corner of the universe I realize there are people much smarter than me. As I get older I understand more about knowledge and understanding that I did when I was younger. In my profession, I study the activity of the brain that fills in information for us to ensure we have a sense above all else, that we understand what our senses tell us.  Except for time; that little nugget is conveniently placed in the don't-know-don't-understand-don't care box.  

Past, present, future exist at once. Are physicists working metaphorically as alchemists or is this the dark magic of wizards?   Probably neither; more likely to understand this idea we need to stretch thinking.  To hell with positivism?  If this asssertion is fact, we being freemasons are connected in an intense, temporal fusion  with past and future.  That being the case, we might then understand more about the Craft than we acknowledge.   Is this the metaphysical aspect of the Craft?  Best keep this behind a closed door- not so radical to our antient brethren but today?