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How To Own Brilliant Ideas And Make Them Work

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Trying to be the source of all truths has become difficult in the 21st Century. Describing a good life, can be a red flag for ferrets who are intent on finding discrepances with their own view.  Even disclaimers are bushed aside, common sense being the most prominent one.

Being a good person is no guarantee of popularity.  Being popular is no guarantee of rightness.  One of the things the Craft does well, is confronting us with a need to live a factual life. Easier said than done I think.  While I enjoy the hellenistic philosophies, today positivism prevails. If you can't prove it, it doesn't work.  Freemasons must seem like lords-aleaping, as they plunge headlong into espousing faith in subscript philosophies.

Acts, no matter the good intention, can poison even the most solid relationships if the recipient does not welcome them. Rash, emotional judgement; rash comments are ingredients of conflicts.  Throughout history, chauvinism, being high minded  has been toxic. Enter the man who has reached an age of balance; old enough to develop his own thoughts, yet young enough that they  are relevent. Who will attempt the impossible- control of his emotion- silence when he does not know what to say.

As I age and begin repeating stories of glory days, don't mock nor pity me (too much).  The journey is always far more interesting than the destination.  Now how can you possibly say that isn't a fact.  It doesn't change ability, but it does let us enhance the abilities we have by hard work, listening, paying attention and keeping quiet as we go about our business.  Audi, Vide, Tace

Of course I need your advice on this. Join us as Masonic Companion talks about collecting ideas.