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The Acquired Taste of Freemason

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Becoming better than you are is hard. It takes longer than we expect. It is harder than we imagined.

Easier to accept what we are and rationalize isn't it?  Yes, our Lodges are crowded with what I call the initiated diaspora- men who came to the door of freemasonry unaware of the daunting challenges, the risks, the potential for failure. 

To ease my burden, could that I would abandon my brother.  Being a man of some conscience I cannot. It would be wreckless to think there is a task for me that is part of my development; mentoring him toward the enlightenment.

If the tasks were easy, we would not be initiated. They are purposeful challenges.  To discovered what is that purpose, is part of what brings meaning to a life.

Weak willed masons are the fodder that distracts us. Perhaps better for the effort; without petty distraction, bickering whinging, without question we would be focused on growing the ideas of freemasonry. Oh my goodness; a focus on theology, philosophy; we would be well on.  Today, humiltity has morphed into self-consciousness that requires a great suppression of facts.

We have a confusing mixture of chain-of-command and self-directed learning that needs our collective attention gentlemen. Stepping onto the level, is horizontal not lateral.

After 156 years, we are barely able to best our betters the citizens ready to take to the parapits at the hinted enhancement of ceremony.  

Why doesn't the look and presence of the Craft echo the uniqueness of Arts, History, Science and Philosophy? Where oh where have the antiquaries gone.

Discovere the Grand Lodge Temple. It does exist. Marble, bronze, powerful, beautiful, of another time, of another place.The imagination teases us by leaving it right there- its worth a trip to Germelshausen but don't take my word.

...wishing, wanting, believing, creation.