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A Me Generation Struggle With Masonic Liberties

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Hello. It is good to see you back. Do you have a moment to talk?  I need your advice.

Today, as Boomers have been replaced by 'Gen X' our communities continue to evolve.  The promises of 'leaders' promoting a dream have become tarnished.  Faith has been challenged by corrupt clergy, whistleblowers and media that has moved faster than the censors pen.

Serious?  Yes.  Redefining? Yes. Confusion? Yes.   In a world that at times seems to exploit trusting souls, is there hope for one organization that claims fidelity?  Yes, it has always been there, in the shadows, a way of life, ignored by generations clamouring to just belong to an organization that might define them as something more than commonplace.

Some would say, that organization is going through a metamorphasis and I would be one to agree.  Governments have put a price on the privacies and rights that once were so dear to people in uniform.   Acquiencence hasn't worked as Wiki-leaks and Whistleblowers world-wide have demonstrated.

Ignorance is bliss where wisdom where tis folly to be wise.  Can freemasonry turn away from the power of education?  It can not.   Join me as we discuss the issues and challenges we face to bring practical and theoretical education into the masonic classroom; architect and artificer, we do not build without ideas and craftsmen to make ideas into reality.

The picture is bigger than you or me or any one Master Mason. Can the 'Me Generation' learn to have confidence one to another?  Those who discover the light can.

Trust is bought and sold like a commodity, except by a man who honours integrity- his and that of others.  What else matters to a man of character?  Becoming the bigger man is not for fools.  Is the one wearing an apron prepared to pay the price?