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Humility to Subtlety or The True Masonic Mind

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Such confusion with the order.?.. and don't bother trying to deflect the issue by making it a personal attack on me because that just doesn't work.  

If listening to Professor Sommers we learn Thomas Dunkeley was a man prone to self promotion; a bit of a charletan who for decades has received posthumous recognition underserved.

Whilmshurst? We can just ignore him because there is no compelling reason or expectation a Master Mason needs to undestand his writtens. 

In Upper Canada, undestanding the development and evolution of the Craft is certainly no less or more than the work in Scotland, Ireland or England, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, or post war Japan and Sweden.  Our is a different history. Not that we can escape noticing how few antiquarians seem to float into our view. Ottawa Valley and Toronto have more than their share of students who put pen to paper and help define our foundations in this country.

Our charitable works are largely local and characterized with  personality- hardly what one might want to use as an illustration of 
Craft masonry, but achieveable, compatible with expectations and manageable with a sprint across 12 months.

Christopher Wren would be fired long ago if he came around the Craft today. Though singlehandedly he convinces leaders he had a vision of the Cathedral.

I would never claim small acts of charity are insignificant because I believe they are. But I have a mind that thinks about the bigger picture. Are people getting better when so many children are put to bed hungry.  Enforced idolence of a prolonged adolescents is of course blamed on our young men play computer games well into their 30's. Freemasonry feeds the mind, the heart and the soul. Where is your appetite?  Step beyond the ritual and commeradery into the beliefs of Craft Masonry..the things  that matter to a contemplative mason.