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Entropy: At the Rim of a Black Hole In the Craft

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When a renowed physicist is asked to share his ideas, only fools would ignore the opportunity. In 2011, Professor Leonard Susskind  spoke to us to help us make sense of theoretical physics.  What is visible only accounts for a small amount of the total matter in the universe. The rest is called 'dark matter'.  If the remainder is absorbed into black holes, has all the information contained in that matter also disappeared?  It matters because all things are effected by certain laws. Until the Professor enlightened me, I had understood the universe is expanding, a process that included laws of entropy- laws hold atoms into molecular structure no longer effective as all matter reaches a point of homeostasis.  

Entropy is better explained as a lost of information.  Much later, in another frame of mind, I began wondering. and today I want to ask for your help making sense of this.

Over the years, has freemasonry been expanding according to laws that are not obvious, Has freemasonry has been effected  on a much smaller scale by laws of entropy?  Over the years, have we lost information into some sort of black hole?  Whether we have or not, can we retrieve it or has it disappeared?

Universe of masonic thought?  We never did and do not exist in isolation. We have existed long before we were organized into bodies. But what forces influence our evolution, our expansion, our destiny?

We really should talk...