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An Order of Character In An Age of Personality

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Understanding freemasonry depends on what a man seeks. If he wants confirmation of his own thinking, he will quite easily be able to extrapolate all he needs to fulfill his desire.  

This presumes he realizes to go beyond the limits of one's experience is to look at his own thoughts within a broader context of understanding.

Knowing freemasonry depends on the question.  How he  poises the question reveals much about his ability.  Whether pedestrian or esoteric, it is his question to ask, not ours.

Would it be disingenuous of us to suppose a man can find all he seeks within the scope of his mind?   It would be difficult if not impossible to compare his potential to that of other men. The writings of Francis of Assisi who found within his mind, definitions to experience beyond his own history attest to the fact it is plausible.  Of course he was of a contemplative nature be studious and acquianted with the advances in philosophy, science and the arts. More important would be the context of the question he asks. Assisi was searching out the potential of understanding.


I am not sure I would be that generous with our brethren who  find security remaining in the cave in their mind. Plato described this much better than I ever could.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, I suggest you find a quiet spot and read to your hearts content.

But back to our housebound friend.   Living in an era of celebrity, people of character notice a bitter sweet experience each time such a person falls off his or her perch. It happens often. Samefully, the disappointment often is human appetite for  schadenfreude, the enjoyment experienced by the hardship of others...not a pleasant aspect of a man so we press on. Not enough space to make the point. I'll be back but we really should talk.

See you soon- Graham