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Words are just sounds.

Taxil. Morgan. Blackfriars.

What a curious lot we freemasons be.  If challenged, the true freemason listens to his heart to determine the appropriate reaction.  But it is a curious phenomena about human behaviour that we must first master.

When we are in a group, human tendency is to align with the comments and ideas of the (perceived) dominate person.  Isn't it amazing what a little science does to such manipulations?

Though we train "leaders" to convince others of their authority, it is always the individual who agrees to follow.

I had the pleasure to be introduced to a fellow who retired this past week after serving 32 years in the Canadian Forces. Such an interesting man,  that he left me with a pearl I want to share. Respect below is a given. Respect above is earned.

So the next time you listen to a bombastic outbursts, listen hard and see if the respect is there. Make your own decision about whether you agree or not. Don't let someone else make decisions for you.  Doing it this way, is a sign of a mature mind.

This one seems so obvious when you think about it.  Exchange of information and ideas occurs then there is respect. Respect is always earned never assumed.

Respect for the creator who always respects I am. Freemasonry is a mixture of chemicals. Humility, gratitude, self respect. Respect for the Craft...respect for our Grand Lodge.  If one is lacking, I cannot see how harmony is achieved. The alchemist in you  would experiment with different proportions then examines the results.



Talking to you is always a pleasure a privilege and an honour.

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