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Pushing Time

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Brethren, Guests and Visitors,

Let me introduce you to a fellow who developed some interesting ideas that might be helpful to freemasons.  His work often sits on the shelf next to the writings of Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Rene Descarte and Thomas Hobbes.- worthwhile readings that nuture an understanding of the human condition.

David Hume, Esq was born in Edinburgh 26 April 1711.  I will leave it to you to decide if you agree, he is the most important philosopher ever to write in English but he did make an interesting point, that humans only have  knowledge of things they experience directly.

Think about it. A student striving to truly understand, will find it is vital to examine facts that define contex.  If we don't take that step, aren't we left with partial truths?

Thank you to all the  antiquarians who have been unrelenting in their research. Today, in the 21st Century, we all benefit from findings that were not available to your antient brethren. 

Whether we are aware or not of the process, history has always been refined and rewritten. Don't blame history. Blame the curious nature of mankind.  Do you want to take that verbatim or do the math?  That's your choice.

Let's pick this up the next time we get together.  Join me and bring your friends.