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Once we were young inexperienced and naive without trying. Chasing youth is rather pathetic. Would you trade maturity that brings the enjoyment of ones own company, the pleasure of developing tastes- that pleases only you? an appreciation of music that reflects mood, old world standards, a little jazz or country or opera or baroque.  We discover the satisfaction of gratitude. We measure wealth in terms of honesty, effort and friendship.  

So to listeners who tuned in for the Montaigne series, here we stand;  trying to live a good life.  So my question to you today is why?  Why is time abandoning the likes of me, leaving a feeling it is accelerating away as if we exist in a plasma cloud on the edge of the bloody universe?  If you live long enough, you begin to speak bravely if not always wise enough to be diplomatic. That's what happens when you discover the mantenence manual for your life; even in middle age it will look new because it relays on common sense to open it.  The pages are full of daily routines and tasks.  So many things to learn, so many things to do, we awaken with  a winsome start wondering if there is enough time to do all?    So if we can't finish everything we set out to do, it would make sense to do the important things first.  As we get older,  priorities change.  Archeologists and anthropologists reaffirmed that over thousands of generations, people share common experiences.  Some even say the thought of freemasonry is beyond history.?  It  has the potential to be the path less trodden; the antedeluvian, the noachite; peeling away deposits  of ignorance to find pearls of truth. Truth no matter how healthy is often a bitter swallow best done gently.     

Glad to see have some company