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Blinded by The Light: Uncomfortable Truths

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Welcome Brethren,

With respect to Mayans everywhere, it seems an apology is due that their uniqueness as an ancient culture was exploited.  That the Mayan calendar predicted the end of days, was not a Mayan idea.  Their calendar was in use at least as long ago as the 5th Century BCE.

Eels disguisted as media, drooling over the prospect of easy profit fed the ubiquitous dooms-day thinkers that lingers in the weeds to portray what we must only assume was a nudge at reason and rationality.   Perhaps the media and dooms-dayers have played one too many games without a helmet or perhaps foolishness is junk food of the mind.  It is mockish of us to ridicule one of the oldest cultures on earth but we have an appetite for it until it happens to us.

We can make due with a lot more attention to our philosophers but  shouldn't we at least consider what they meant to illustrate rather than what we wrongly assume a meaning, before dragging them to the stocks?    Friedrech Nietzsche took one for the team over a thoughtful comment he made- the learned clergy showed their ankles, when they screamed for his head.   

Throughout his writings Friedrech wrote "G-d is dead".  The fellow was expressing a fear that we were killing G-d by our indifference. He saw the rise of atheism striking a decline of religion.  He was troubled that without a higher moral authority, chaos would consume the world.  But the masses seemed happier distorting the meaning to marginalize this amazing observation.  Check for yourself by locating some of his work- The Gay Science, sec 108, 125 and 343.

Just when we think we are superior in everyway, we seem to be showing contempt for accuracy prevails.  We enjoy believing what we want to believe...except Freemasons...who ply the cosmos searching for truth. Hmmm