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Freemasonry: So Many Questions

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It might be tedious. It might be work. We can't really call it entertainment. But it is important.  We don't exactly break into sponteneous conversation; it is, in my opinion the dialogue that defines us more than any other.

What's all the fuss about who I am? Know thyself she said. Everything in moderation she said.  So why is it so difficult to understand understanding?

If you tell me my generation is superficial, I'm tending to think Im in good company and it's a heck of a point to start taking.  Only a fool would consider his life well lived, skirting over the surface, unaware or indifferent to the practical, metaphysical currents swirling around us all.  

Have you ever asked yourself how you can be so accepting of faith without studying it? Or for that matter, have you ever noticed how much we take for granted, the freedoms, rights, privileges  experienced by so many while even more of humanity struggles for survival?

Things like this define us- like it or not.  Perhaps freemasonry is an answer- the philosophers stone for men who desire more but not at the expense of anyone else.

More knowledge, more understanding, more insight, more sense of prinicples, more sense of justice- keeping it real while those around us live in a dream.

Symbols on walls, oaths and obligations- you've been redefined by initiation into the Craft. Ever wondered what comes next?  Perhaps, it is the struggle to be worthy of the manner.

Join me once again- help a friend tune in to a moment for listeners to consider for themselves ideas best talked about  in subdued tones. No hubris here Brethren. Masonry is experienced within a tyled lodge. It is defined by our behaviour outside the doors.

Masonic Home Companion is a little piece in a very large puzzle.   Graham