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Common purpose is not necessarily a single act.  I think a good society is one in which there is respect for the rule of law, respect of basic human freedoms, opportunity for an individual to live without fearing authority, forms of accountability when laws and rights are violated.

In so many ways, freemasonry embraces these notions and goes even further. A great portion of human history reveals futuile efforts to impose a way of thinking, ideas of belief, that always always end in failure.

I suppose we could paraphrase Newton's Third Law of Motion and slide it in here- for every action there is a reaction. Bash away at something long enough, failing every time and eventually mankind will figure it out.  Some of our ancestors learned you can kill a man, but you can't kill his beliefs.  That's power.

People believe what they want to believe, until it is replaced by something that makes more sense.  Science doesn't seem to matter when we're wrapping our brains in uncontrolled emotion. Of coures it's fun but it makes us collectively seem like we missed the bus.

From the chapters of that famous book  Easier Said Than Done, we begin to influence ideas when we discover new or different ideas.  That is the genius of freemasonry. Ideas that are challenging are made accessible.  

When I became a junior officer, the role came with keys to the building. Quickly I had private acccess to the room and the time to study the ritual and constitution.  I highly recommend this. The cloistering of a lodge is important because it shields our minds; all our thoughts and ideas protected  from distraction.  When the walls speak to you, it is at first eerie and then profound when suddenly, the light goes on and you have a flash of insight.

Masonry, opens the mind to new ideas. Absolutely amazing  

Let's talk- Graham