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When We Were One

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I'm Dale Graham and this is Masonic Home Companion.

Belonging is a central urge of human beings. Perhaps we define this as tribal. Perhaps it is an essential element of insecurity or even survival- safer in the herd than alone on the savannah.

How insincere is it to espouse the uniqueness of belonging to an initiatory Order yet claim we are Everyman.

Leadership flows out of our understanding of respect. It is granted not demanded . That doesn't stop simple minded folk from assuming dominance over weak minded men who capitulate.  Leadership is about humility, sincerity and authenticity.  Until those lessons are learned leadership lingers in the shadows. Despotism, arrogance, or plane stupidity there are  many words for it and it has been around a long, long time.

If we are ever to reach our potential, we require mentoring. It occurs when two men are able to trust one another to explain the importance of context to meaning.

We are an amalgam of stunning ideas. We go no where until each one of us decides to harness his curiosity and face the fact he has questions unanswered.

The laughter stops quite quickly when we find ourselves in the company of serious minded gentlemen.  Being foolish and dismissive works for many of us until it doesn't work anymore.

Life is like that. The important lessons of life seem always to come at a price. The initiation of a freemasons makes that abundently clear...in case you hadn't noticed.

Let's talk some time...Dale