Twenty Minutes to Peace

20 Minutes to Peace


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Practical tools for finding peace. Topics include: self-care, mindfulness, facing fears, living with balance, values, meditation, gaining clarity.

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At a time when the demands seem never-ending, resting may be the most important thing we do. Join Grace and Kelly as they talk about the benefits of rest, signals to watch for and suggestions on the many forms rest can take.

Join Grace & Kelly as they talk about the properties and personalities of play, why it's so important to incorporate play into your daily life, and practical tips to make that happen.

In "One Simple, Powerful Path to Peace," Grace & Kelly provided a technique for staying connected to your inner guidance, values and needs. In "Clearing Your Path to Peace" they'll talk about things that can make it challenging to hear that... more

The surest way to disconnect with peace is to disconnect with our own internal wisdom, needs and values. Grace and Kelly will guide you through a straightforward and powerful tool that's designed to keep you in touch with your... more

There's lots of information out there about goals and goal setting. But it can be so easy to work toward something only to find dissatisfaction with the end result. Grace & Kelly will give you three practical tips for making sure you're pointed in... more

How can you meet your goals if you don't have a specific outcome in mind? What happens when what you set out to acheive gets sidetracked? Kelly and Grace will share personal life experiences and examples to get you through the transitions... more

How to use baby steps to bring about lasting change. We give you practical steps to get out the feeling of overwhelm.