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Grace Now is a new internet ministry providing hope & healing to the hurting hearts.

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Grace Now will be presenting a short 4 part series titled," Full Grace" Each segment will be 15 to 30 minutes long. Can we as believers receive Gods full gift of grace without fear, without worry and without works of man? What are the... more

Today we will discuss the hatred spewed upon Christians today by not only Non Christian persons but those who consider themselves as followers of Christ.

There have been thousands of shows dedicated to fighting the Government with no results. I have been to countless shows where I have left frustrated as you probably have also. One show after the other with the same old comments,... more

People wonder why I left the political genre on BTR. I left because politics is not the answer to this worlds problems!

Robert and Philosophus will be going head to head on todays show on the ethics of Abortion.

Man has always worn their hearts on their sleeve, we can tell almost everything their is to know about a man by what he say's and most importantly by what he does. What's on your sleeve, Gods heart, or your own? Do you carry the burden... more

What matters most to God what you wear or you clothing the naked? Is He more concerned with what you eat or you giving to those who have nothing to eat? What does the Kingdom of God consist of, food, drink, and clothing?... more

As we continue to hear about the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman case, there is a feeling here in America of anger over the death not of a young 17 year old kid, but over a Black 17 year old Kid. Animosity is growing fast and there... more

Are you Hebrew? Are you a Gentile? Are you Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, Arab, Polonesian, Indian and if so does that mean your a pagan, does it mean that you must deny yourself take up your cross and follow the Hebrew culture... more

The life that's in you is not your own. You have the uncreated life of God through Christ in you. God's purpose in you is that you bear His image. This is not possible through the keeping of Laws but by faith. The life we now live we live... more