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GPR is Green Party Radio, dedicated to the Green Party and its candidates, but also featuring music, sports, and talk.

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Hey there! I keep hearing on the news that Russia hacked our political servers, they swayed our election, and they are our mortal enemy. But why? I decided a couple MONTHS ago that I would do a show on this, but I wanted to make sure... more

My name is Chad Cushman & I'm an independent progressive from Vermont...I don't believe in Left/Right crap, that's dancing around in 1 place... Progressive means forward...My show varies by current affairs & what I care about...... more

Hey there! The first two weeks of Donald Trump's Reign as the President of the United States of America has certainly been like no other. From the ever-changing argument about how many people attended the inauguration to all kinds of... more

My name is Chad Cushman & I'm an independent progressive from Vermont...I discuss many things covering political to everyday madness to the fun of being a parent...

The Green Party Radio Show's Super Bowl Sunday episode takes a look at the early days of President Trump's Presidency. And yes, it's been as big of a mess as anyone imagined, with bans on visas from several predominately Muslim... more

This morning on Best Of Green Party Radio, check out Larry and Don's 2-hour election preview special, featuring interviews with Green Party Congressional candidates Ray Parrish of Arizona and Shalom Keller of Ohio.

This morning's Best of Green Party Radio brings you our October 9, 2016 interview with Paula Bradshaw, the Green Party's candidate for US Congress from Illinois' 12th District. Paula strongly believes in a $15 an hour minimum wage... more

My name is Chad Cushman & I'm an independent progressive from Vermont...

My name is Chad M Cushman...I'm a progressive independent, born & raised in Vermont...

Today's best of Green Party Radio is a rebroadcast of our revealing interview with Harvard educated Oncologist Dr Joe Imperato, who discusses single-payer health care, prescription policies in the United States, and whether or not marijuana... more