Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World 103-002

Ring Master

Ring Master

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Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World is a continuing series of individual episodes pertaining to the USA's Military Industrial Complex and its involvement in foreign world affairs, analyzed from the perspective of national morality, national ethics, national character, and national integrity.

In this show episode, we:

Continue the 103 sub-series, wherein we quote various sources exposing the government's participation in the worldwide drug/crime cartel organizations.

Specifically, we feature the Mena, Arkansas, and the Barry Seal story. Barry Seal's operation was associated with drug  smuggling sponsored by the CIA and DEA.

Also included is the famous "Train Death" story, involving the suspicious deaths of two teenage boys who were apparently murdered by Arkansas State Law Enforcement authorities due to their accidental discovering covert drug drops resulting in their being a witness to criminal drug activity by local government officials.

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